Rise of the Time Lords

Welcome to the official site of the new book, Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity.

Rise Of the Time Lords – Now Available

In his debut book, popular blogger and engineer Michael Belote spins the Christian-science genre on its head. Neither embracing or denying any particular belief system about Christianity or science, Belote instead uses the beliefs of modern science (and the fun of modern sci-fi) as illustrations of Christian teaching.

 In each chapter of Rise of the Time Lords, Belote shares a sci-fi story or scientific principle, using these as analogies and illustrations to demonstrate the way Christians view the spiritual world and the teachings of Scripture. In these pages you will learn about the Trinity from a Pringles can, about sin from star formation, about the afterlife from R2-D2, about the duality of man from Schrodinger’s Cat, about grace from air conditioners, about judgmentalism from Einstein’s Relativity, and much more.

This is the Gospel for the geeks…the truth of Christianity expressed in a way which will excite and engage the kind of people who love Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Come explore the world of spiritual Christianity through an entirely new lens!

Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek’s Guide to Christianity is now available in both Kindle and paperback. Choose either of the below and view Christianity in an entirely-new way!

                                                   Paperback (Amazon.com) – $20.48 
      Kindle – $8.99                    Paperback (direct from printer) - $17.41

Rise Of the Time Lords – Kindle Edition

Rise Of the Time Lords – Paperback

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